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Fertility Juju Ritual Kit with Deck

😉Are you ready to tap into your own Juju sis?


That’s why this kit was created to help you manifest your fertility and your beautiful babies. Every fertility tool in this ritual kit is carefully curated and serves a purpose in your journey towards conception.


Discover the fertility tools in the Fertility Juju Ritual Kit:


✨Green Fertility Candle: Shaped like a powerful, beautiful pregnant body, this candle allows you to visualize your pregnancy easier and helps manifest your fertility faster. Bees Wax Texture)



✨Fertility Oil: This handcrafted, blessed oil blend can be used with the fertility candle to really tap into your juju. You can also use it to bless your belly and invite your spirit babies to their home.



🙏🏾Fertility Prayer Card: Helps remove doubts from the mind and strengthen your faith in the universe, your body, and your womb



✨Rose of Jericho: Also known as the “resurrection plant”, this plant is a symbol of renewal and is a potent protector against negative energies. This powerful symbol opens the door for blessings and helps you invite fertility and abundance into your life.



✨3 Stick Incense: Helps cleanse the air for your fertility ritual and works as an offering to spirit.


✨Fertility Juju Affirmation Card Deck: A set of 20 affirmations that give you strength, help you believe, and affirm your fertility. Chant them throughout the day to manifest your fertility faster.



🕯Green Tealight Candle: Offers a gentle light that illuminates the path and guides your spirit babies towards your womb.



This magickal bundle also comes with written instructions. Please take a look at the CANDLE INSTRUCTIONS HERE!

Fertility Juju Ritual Kit with Deck

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