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The Truth about Having your Period While Trying to Conceive

Our periods are not always a bad sign when trying for a baby.

Our bodies are wise and knows when to release.

Sometimes our bodies release the weaker uterine lining to prepare for a stronger one.

So my sistahs, don’t be sad (although I know it's difficult)…just know that your body released what wasn’t useful or strong enough to carry and nurture full term.

So ask yourself....

What burdens are you carrying spiritually? Release it my sistah.

What are you feeding yourself? Is it nurturing you and your womb?

What about your partner?

These are some questions to ask yourself.

That period that you are crying about literally saved you from another form of disappointment, which could have resulted in a miscarriage.

It probably even saved your life from postpartum complications that could have taken you out sis!

Sometimes our bodies save us from ourselves.

There is POWER in the BLOOD!

We also have to take into consideration that our bodies might reject weaker sperm as well. That is why if you have had a Fertility Reading with me, sometimes I suggest certain herbal blends that my spirit guides direct me to suggest for you.

It is so important to discern if our reproductive system is strong enough for our babies to move onto their next spiritual journey of being conceived.

Trust your body and ask your baby/babies if your body is ready for them. I talk about connecting with your spirit guides/spirit babies in my Fertility Juju Masterclass.

It’s time to tap in sis and understand that your body is wise and your spirit knows best, even your spirit babies.

This is beyond the physical, so I would highly recommend that you stop seeing things from just the physical perspective. We are holistic and powerful!

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tonya gamble
tonya gamble
Jul 26, 2022

I have got three positives last Saturday then yesterday I had a chemical pregnancy and now my test are negative and my period is here maybe my babies are coming next month I just hope and pray


Rou Wai
Rou Wai
May 14, 2022

Hi Tam. Been doing pregnancy tests since last months one faint line but they are not getting darker.😔 I'm having all pregnancy symptoms. Help me love.plz😔


I really needed this. Thank you.

May 14, 2022
Replying to

You are welcome 💫

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