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How to Align Your Magickal AF Energy to Your Cycle✨

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The practice of aligning your energy to each phase of your menstrual cycle is called cycle syncing. Cycle syncing is a method in which you adapt your daily habits such as your diet, workout, social calendar, and creative projects to align with the unique energies of the menstrual cycle. Each phase of your cycle is different, and therefore demands a different amount of energy from you. When you learn to track your cycle naturally, you start to tune in to the changes your energy undergoes each month.

Ever notice how certain times of the month you feel energized and ready to go, while other times you want to curl up in a ball and watch Netflix all day? You can thank your hormones for that sis! But you don’t have to surrender control to this hormonal wave every month. With cycle syncing, you can choose your daily routine more intentionally, therefore inviting more productivity, creativity, balance, and peace into your life. And when you are feeling more at peace in your body, your spirit babies are ready and welcome to come through.

In order to start practicing cycle syncing effectively, you first need to know which phase of your menstrual cycle you are in. Learn the basics of each phase of your cycle here. The physical is 101 sis, and the spiritual is the next level! I teach you how to successfully track your cycle in my Badass Guide to Fertility Masterclass. Once you’ve got each phase down, read on to learn my cycle syncing tips for each phase of your menstrual cycle…

Phase 1: Your Menstrual Phase 3-7 Days

The menstrual phase can be seen as a symbolic time of release, as your body is shedding the lining of your uterus. During this phase, it is best to slow down and rest. Here are some lifestyle tips I recommend you integrate during the menstrual phase:

  • Avoid filling your social calendar, and spend more time alone

  • Prioritize rest and go to bed early

  • Trade strenuous exercise for gentle yoga & walks

  • This is a great time for reflection; journal about what you’ve learned the past month

  • Take a hot Epsom salt bath, or sleep with a heating pad to relieve cramping and tension

Phase 2: Your Follicular Phase 7-10 Days

Think of the follicular phase as a time of new beginnings. During this phase, your energy levels will begin to rise, and you will feel more confident juggling life’s daily challenges. This is a great time to start new projects, or take action towards whatever it was you reflected on during the menstrual phase. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Here are some lifestyle tips I recommend for the follicular phase:

  • Start working on a new project or make a plan to achieve a new goal

  • Take risks by trying new things such a attending class or social event that is outside of your typical routine

  • Increase your exercise to more strenuous activities such as strength training, cardio, or cycling

  • Fill your social calendar with fun and engaging activities with a new friend

Phase 3: Your Ovulatory Phase 2-3 Days

Time to get spicy honey! Ovulation is when you look and feel the most attractive and energetic. During this time, you feel very social, confident, and energized. Here are some lifestyle tips I recommend for the ovulatory phase:

  • Schedule a sexy date night with your partner or turn up on the town with friends. The keyword here is to FLIRT!

  • Have the important talks with friends, family, or coworkers that you’ve been putting off as this is the time of month you are most communicative and confident

  • Continue with the high intensity workouts such as HIIT, crossfit, or strength training

Phase 4: Your Luteal Phase 10-14 Days

During the luteal phase, the highs of ovulation will begin to slow in preparation for your period. It is typical to want to nest at home during this time, especially after the previous few weeks of being a social butterfly. This is a smart time to wrap up monthly projects, and organize your to-do list. This is also when PMS symptoms can start to kick in if the body is producing too much estrogen. This is why practicing self care during the luteal phase is so important. Here are some lifestyle tips I recommend for the luteal phase:

  • Organize your calendar, your to-do lists, and your home. Clear your space of any chaos so you can settle in and nest for the next few weeks during your period

  • Prioritize self care in order to ease PMS symptoms such as going to bed earlier, eating nutritious foods, reading a book, or engaging in other relaxing activities

  • Transition into a less intense exercise routine such as yoga or pilates

Your outward reality is a reflection of your inner state of being. When you begin aligning your energy to your menstrual cycle, powerful shifts can happen both physically and spiritually!

The best way to start cycle syncing is by tracking your cycle each month, so you know which phase you are in. I teach you how to track your cycle holistically in my free 3 Day Badass Challenge. During this challenge, you will learn different methods for tracking your fertility, why hormone testing is SO important and which tests you actually need, and how to join a Badass support system to help you along the way. Join us in the 3 Day Challenge HERE! I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Peace and fertility,


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