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10 Holistic Health Practitioners To Support Your Fertility Journey

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

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Looking for health practitioners to support your fertility journey?

If you’re struggling to get pregnant, and want to find natural ways to increase your fertility, there are specialists who can help. As a certified holistic health practitioner, herbalist, and spiritual guide, I use many healing modalities in my fertility rituals and readings to help my juju mamas get pregnant.

Natural fertility is about a lot more than an occasional trip to the doctor. If you’re looking for real help with fertility, you need to be supporting your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being on a daily basis.

Exploring alternative healing modalities and finding supportive practices can help you stay connected with your spirit babies, and get pregnant naturally. Here are 10 types of health practitioners that can support you on your ttc journey:

Primary Care Doctor

Your primary care doctor is typically the first person you’ll connect with when trying to conceive. They can help you understand your chances of getting pregnant naturally by looking at your health history, your hormone levels, and answering initial questions you may have.

Ask your doctor how your current medications affect your chances of getting pregnant. Your doctor can also help you manage pre-existing health conditions interfering with your fertility like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and PCOS.

Because most primary care doctors are not fertility experts, it’s important to consider the help of other practitioners if you’re struggling to conceive. Holistic doctors and specialists can offer more detailed recommendations with things like nutrition, stress management, and spiritual healing.

Fertility Specialist

A fertility specialist is the next person to turn to if you need more support on your fertility journey. They can help you identify specific fertility issues, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. They also offer fertility education, emotional support, and advanced fertility treatments like IVF.

Most fertility specialists can be found in fertility clinics around your area. When looking for a clinic, consider the following:

  • What type of support and treatment you need

  • Their qualifications and experience level

  • Type of fertility treatments offered

  • Cost of support

The CDC’s Assisted Reproductive Technology index page is a great resource for researching the success rate of fertility clinics across the country, as well as educating yourself about different treatment options.

Functional Medicine Doctor

Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine doctors work to get to the root cause of your fertility issues so you can achieve long lasting results. Using functional lab testing and lifestyle intervention, their goal is to reverse conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids without relying on solely medications.

Working with a functional medicine doctor is a great option for you if you’re struggling with pre-existing health conditions that are interfering with your chances of getting pregnant. Before turning to functional medicine, here are a few things to consider:

  • Functional medicine can be an investment as some doctors don’t take insurance.

  • Treatment programs require certain lifestyle changes, but can offer amazing results.

  • Functional medicine doctors are not as common as conventional doctors, so you may need to travel to find one in person.

  • Many functional medicine doctors offer online consultations and programs you can do from home.

If you’re interested in learning more, The Institute For Functional Medicine’s practitioner directory can help you find a doctor in your area.

Nutritionist/Health Coach

Processed and inflammatory foods are one the biggest causes of fertility issues. They can create hormone imbalances leading to conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

A nutritionist or health coach can support you in making healthy changes to your diet so you can heal your fibroids, and increase your fertility naturally. They can offer emotional support, outer accountability, and nutritional advice about which foods you should be prioritizing most.

Working with a health coach is a great option for anyone who wants to change their diet, but is struggling to do it alone, or needs guidance on which foods are best for getting pregnant.

Before choosing a nutritionist or health coach to work with, make sure they have experience working with women trying to get pregnant. A fertility nutritionist can offer meal plans customized to your fertility goals so you have the best results.


The right herbs can support fertility in a lot of ways. As a certified herbalist myself, I always recommend herbs to help build blood & improve circulation, balance hormones, and strengthen uterine tonicity.

It’s important to understand that herbalism is a holistic practice – meaning there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Since we are all different, it’s important to work with a certified herbalist to make sure you’re taking the right herbs and dosages safely and effectively.

To find a registered herbalist in your area, check out the American Herbalists Guild directory.


If you aren’t familiar, acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles at different pressure points to achieve energetic balance in the body. The practice originates from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Many of my juju mamas have found success using acupuncture for their fertility, as it can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, regulate the menstrual cycle, improve pelvic blood flow, reduce stress, and balance hormones.

Acupuncture is also a great supportive therapy if you’re undergoing IVF treatment because it can increase the quality of your eggs, as well as your partner’s sperm count. Many acupuncturists will also recommend nutritional advice and herbal supplements to support you further in your journey, making them great holistic practitioners to have on your fertility team.

Check out the NCCAOM’s database of licensed practitioners or ask your fertility specialist for referrals and recommendations. Some acupuncturists even offer group acupuncture sessions, to be of service to their communities by lowering the cost of treatment.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is such a beneficial practice for your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. It’s no wonder that it can support fertility as well!

A regular yoga practice can help reduce stress, which is one of the biggest causes of infertility. It does this by bringing balance to your chakras (or energy centers), lowering cortisol levels, increasing circulation to your reproductive organs, and creating a deeper connection to your physical body. All of these things positively impact fertility by turning off the fight or flight response (which actually directs blood away from the uterus), and creating a safe, nurturing environment for your spirit to thrive.

When looking for a yoga teacher to support your fertility, find someone who makes you feel comfortable, supported, and respected. Try exploring different forms of yoga to fit your fertility goals as well. Yin and restorative yoga are both great for reducing stress and improving fertility.

Breathwork Facilitator

Breathwork refers to breathing exercises or techniques used to improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by bringing conscious awareness to your breath. Breathwork is a form of somatic therapy, meaning it can release stored trauma trapped in your physical body.

Since the experience of miscarriage and infertility can be traumatic, working with a breathwork facilitator is one way to work through these difficult emotions. Similar to yoga, breathwork is also a great way to reduce stress, improve circulation, and turn off your fight or flight response.

Here are a few types of breathing exercise to try to from Nico Marie, a certified yoga instructor:

The Global Professional Breathwork Alliance has a directory for finding breathwork practitioners in your area (most large cities), plus there are many breathwork apps and videos available online.

Energy Healer

Energy healing is the practice of tapping into the body’s subtle energy system to remove blockages. These blockages can develop from physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma and are a key factor for many of my juju mamas wishing to conceive.

Working with an energy healer can help you remove these blocks, shrink fibroids, and clear the way for self-healing. Reiki, originating in Japan, is one of the oldest and most popular energy healing modalities practiced today.

To find a reiki healer in your area, look to local wellness centers and yoga studios for referrals or recommendations. Once you find someone you trust, approach the session with an open mind, as energy healing can be subtle, yet deeply transformative.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals has a local directory you can use to supplement your search.

Fertility Reader/Spiritual Coach

Having a spiritual coach to support your fertility journey is the glue that holds everything together. I see many women struggling to conceive due to unknown spiritual reasons – they aren’t with their divine DNA partner, they have ancestral or past life trauma that needs to be addressed, or their spirit babies do not feel safe and connected to them at this time.

Investing in a spiritual coach can help you tap into the spirit realm so you can receive messages from your ancestors and spirit guides, as well as connect you to your spirit babies.

For this reason, my fertility readings are a great way to continue forward with your fertility journey. They can provide you with the guidance and clarity you need for healing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Looking for more resources on your fertility journey? Sis, I got you!

Download my FREE 30 Days of Rituals Challenge to 10x your fertility in just 30 days!

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