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My Favorite Self-Love Rituals To Support You On Your Fertility Journey

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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In order to birth your babies into this reality, you need to take care of yourself first so you can take care of others. Practicing self-love is an important part of this fertility journey as it allows you to trust your own JUJU and show up as the highest version of yourself.

To me, self-love is all about tapping back into yourself by honoring where you’re at in this present moment. When we practice self-love, we strengthen the belief that we are worthy of our desires and goals. Practicing daily self-love rituals is a great way to cultivate this belief.

Many of my JUJU mamas in the Tam Inspires community struggle to conceive due to emotional and spiritual blocks that prevent their physical body from getting pregnant. That’s why cultivating self-love on your fertility journey is so important, as it can clear layers of unprocessed trauma, create a deeper connection with your spirit baby, and build the belief that pregnancy is possible for you.

It’s time to heal your womb sis, by loving on yourself.

Daily self-love rituals for fertility

One of my favorite ways to practice self-love is with a “do for self ritual”. By turning an act of self love into a ritual, you set a strong intention behind it, making your desires more potent and powerful.

The same is true when you practice love rituals with your partner.

However, the “do for self” ritual is all about choosing yourself first. To practice, you simply do something special for yourself, whether that’s creating boundaries by saying “no” or “not right now”, or it’s taking a bath or doing your own nails just because you love yourself.

Practicing self-love is all about treating yourself the same way you’d treat someone precious to you. Typically you do things because of your love for others and out of the abundance of your heart. But who’s doing those things for you? By practicing a “do for self” ritual, you give yourself the opportunity to redirect that love and abundance back towards yourself.

And when you take the time to love on yourself, you cultivate more space for abundance, creativity, and connection in your life…all of which you need to tap into your fertility JUJU.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to practice a “do for self” ritual:

Affirmations for self-love

Affirmations are a beautiful way to begin your self-love journey. Choosing positive messages to repeat to yourself at the same time everyday strengthens your belief in them, which can result in changed thinking and behavior.

That’s because when you imagine or visualize something, the brain triggers the neurons to perform or act on your vision. While on your fertility journey, affirmations can activate the law of attraction; which has the power to bring things into existence through your words.

Directing your affirmations towards self-love helps support your fertility by letting go of negative or self limiting thought patterns that don’t serve you or your goals to become pregnant.

To get started practicing affirmations, try this I Trust my Body Affirmation everyday for 1 week and see how you feel.

Meditations for self-love

Meditation is another great way to show yourself some love. It’s been proven to reduce blood pressure and lower stress. Spiritually, meditation anchors you to the present moment so you aren’t focusing on the past or future; but rather the reality you wish to manifest now.

According to the popular meditation app Headspace, self-love meditations bring negative self-talk to the surface, actively replacing it with more kind and compassionate beliefs about yourself. This practice provides you with a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and emotions contribute to your overall well-being, which is great for improving your health.

To get started with your self-love meditation practice, try this fertility JUJU mediation during your next “do for self” ritual. The powerful sound frequencies will remove blockages and align your womb with fruitfulness.

Self-love candle magick

For all my candle magick mamas out there, this pink candle ritual is my favorite for invoking more self-love. Pink candles represent love, inner child healing, and friendship. They are used to connect to the heart, and heal negative emotions so you can manifest from a place of love.

  1. Start with a pink woman candle (or a pink tea light or chime candle is fine), and inscribe/carve affirmations onto the candle itself.

  2. Dress your candle with oil of choice (ex. grapeseed oil or olive oil), and even add a few crushed up roses or lavender to the mix. Rose or lavender essential oil works as well.

  3. Put your pink candle on a ceramic plate and burn it for 3-5 days to invoke the spirit of self-love.

It’s best to do this ritual on a Friday, which is the day of Venus (day of love) and watch as all the love you put out is redirected back towards you. Practice your self-love affirmations or meditation during this ritual, and notice people going out their way to show you how much they love you because you loved yourself first.

Spiritual baths for self-love

Another “do for self” ritual can be done by taking a spiritual bath. Spiritual baths can be used to cleanse emotional energy, heal spiritual blocks, clear the mind, and align the energy centers of the body. (Yes, water IS that powerful!)

The difference between a spiritual bath and a regular bath is the intention you set behind it. With a spiritual bath, your intention isn’t to clean the physical body, but to wash away the negative energy blocking you from accessing your highest self.

Practice your self-love ritual by taking a spiritual bath with fresh red or pink roses and Florida water. You can even add a little lavender oil, rose oil, clove oil or patchouli to invoke the spirits of love within!

Speak into that bath (because water holds memory) and tell it how much you love yourself and will continue to love yourself first. This can also be a great time to practice your self-love affirmations or meditation. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, sit back, and love on yourself!

When you create space everyday to cultivate self-love, you attract more abundance into your life. This abundance can manifest as a healthier body, a stronger relationship, more success and financial freedom, and a deep connection to your womb.

When you’re finished loving on yourself, book a fertility reading with me to gain more insight on your fertility journey. During these readings, you’ll receive important messages to reveal what’s still blocking you from becoming pregnant, as well as guidance moving forward. Book your fertility reading here.

Looking for more self-care practices to help you on your fertility journey?

Tap in with my free Love JUJU Ebook where you’ll learn 20+ rituals to help boost your love frequency!

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