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Are you ready to connect with your spirit babies?

I have assisted OVER 300 women get pregnant by busting through their limited spiritual beliefs and overcoming the “unexplained infertility”, the PCOS, the “geriatric pregnancy”, EVEN a tubal ligation reversal....AND YOU CAN TOO.

My Offerings:

Fertility Rituals

Fertility Readings

Fertility Juju Courses


Juju Affirmations Deck

Fertility Juju Kit

Tap in Sis!

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Check my receipts!

“Sooooo I posted in my last review that I couldn’t wait to come back to give my testimony once my reading manifests....and here I am!! I had a reading on 4/8/21 and got my positive pregnancy test on 5/1/21!! EVERYTHING you predicted manifested (even my husband’s reaction 🤣🤣🤣) !! Thank you so much for your positivity and allowing your gift to bless me💕 ”

“Hi Tam
I purchased the fertility ritual for March . I just found out on Monday that I’m pregnant .
I thank you so much for your blessing.
I can’t even describe in words of how much I
u “

“It was beautiful. She made my heart smile all while making me cry. She went in deep with
details and such encouragement. She is awesome.”

“Hey Tam! I just got a positive pregnancy test! 3 to be exact. We’ve been TTC for 2 years and
never had a positive test!! I did the fertility ritual and reading in January and the fertility ritual in
February. You said you see possible conception in 1-3 months and here I am a month later
pregnant!! FYI…I’m 44! Tell the future MTB to have faith and stay positive…it will happen!!”

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