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I DO NOT offer readings for pregnant Juju Mamas!

The Ancestors led you here for a reason!

The Fertility Reading is my most POPULAR reading that has unlocked wombs, shifted destinies and opened portals to the spirit realm so that your ancestors and babies can come through! Ya'll better check my receipts!

💛THOUSANDS of Juju Mamas lives have shifted to a higher frequency!


👶🏽👶🏾👶🏼Hundreds of babies have come through the portal too!


Using my ancestral gifts, we will look into the following:


- What needs to be uncovered/possible blockages

- How to unlock your womb

- Spirit baby gender and season of conception or birth

- Ancestral/Spirit baby messages


(This is not set in I flow with how my ancestors give the medicine.)


I DO NOT give readings by questions because it limits the way our spirit guides want to express itself to heal your lineage.


My readings are potent AF and can be bittersweet, yet powerful medicine.


🔮Sometimes babies do not come through in the readings and that means there's more urgent matters that you should be focusing on to clear the energy blocks.


*There are no refunds.

(Zoom Meeting)

* Please have Zoom downloaded on your device as I WILL NOT troubleshoot for you.

* It is your responsibility to reach out if you are having difficulty.

*10 Minute tardiness may require a rescheduling of your session. No exceptions!

*Please make space for your spirit guides to connect with you before our reading time (a simple heartfelt prayer/meditation can work wonders).


WombCast Divination  


What's Waiting for You in Your WombCast? 

Uncover the stories your womb holds—from past lovers to soul ties, ancestral secrets, and messages from spirit babies. It's a grounded journey that respects your unique energy and roots.


Soul and Spirit Revival Ceremony

Are you ready for a ceremony like no other?


Rising from Loss: A Soul and Spirit Revival is a spiritual journey for my Juju Mamas who have experienced loss and grief from abortions, miscarriages, failed relationships and loved ones.


This ceremony is very potent medicine that goes within the depth and darkness to retrieve parts of yourself that was lost.

We clear out debris from those lost parts of yourself and revive the parts that are needed to live a life of peace and contentment. 

This session, blending soul retrieval and spiritual awakening, not only can guide you back to yourself, but also brings profound energetic healing to you.

May the ancestors give you the revelation that you need to apply what was spoken and may your womb align.

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