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24 Hour - 15 Card Fertility Reading (Email)

SAME DAY EMAIL READING (Within 24-48 Hours Delivery)


(Your reading will be sent to your email as an audio recording.)



💫This reading is an On Call Reading and will be delivered within 48 Hours!!!!💫

I am a no FLUFF reader and very CONCISE!!! My readings uncover a lot of hidden things, too! I also do not do readings by questions. I trust that what you need will be revealed for your healing and to bring your babies forth or to connect with them as spiritual guides.



- Blockages will be revealed (Not ALWAYS what you think)

- Empowerment

- Spirit Baby Gender

- Season of Conception or Birth ( I operate in seasons)

- Ancestor, Spirit Guide or Angel Messages 


This reading isn't just about getting pregnant, it's about healing yourself, coming face to face with the illusions of life. Fertility is more than just popping out a kid, it's birthing a whole new chapter in your life.


 Let me be clear, this reading is NOT replacing advice from your doctor. I am here to support and assist you on your journey.


Check your email (even spam, girl) for the reading and make sure your info is correct. No refunds or schedule changes, so be sure about your decision.

(Make sure all of your contact information is correct. I am not responsible for incorrect emails or phone numbers).

Peace and fertility 💕✨



24 Hour - 15 Card Fertility Reading (Email)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • After booking your 24 Hour Fertility Reading....

    Please email me with the following. (Within 3 hours)

    (If you’ve had a reading with me before please wait 4 seasons, which is a YEAR and DO NOT BOOK AGAIN until then.)

    Your name that you booked your reading with?

    Same Sex or Opposite sex relationship?

    Relationship Status?

    Reasons for this Fertility Reading?

    Your age?

    (This helps with a more accurate reading)

    Subject Line MUST BE (Fertility Reading)