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🔮 Welcome to the Fertility Juju Academy! 🔮


The Fertility Juju Academy, a space crafted just for us, where we gather to unlock the extraordinary power within our wombs, heal our bloodlines, and welcome the little souls eager to come through us.


Here’s a sneak peek of the potent AF magick of my 5 Fertility Juju Rites:

✨ 5 Intimate Fertility Rites Ceremonies: These live ceremonies are our sacred time to heal, manifest, and honor the journey of bringing life into the world, just as our ancestors did.

Ancestral Rite: Connect with the ancient wisdom in your bones through sacred rituals that honor your ancestors and pave the way for a powerful, generational shift.

Releasing Rite: Release the blocks that may be hindering your fertility journey and let go of anything holding you back from manifesting the life you desire.

Womb Rite: Immerse yourself in the sacred energy of your womb, nurturing and unlocking its powerful potential for creation and manifestation.

Fertility Rite:  Our sacred time to heal, manifest, and honor the journey of bringing life into the world, just as our ancestors did.

Protection Rite: Surround yourself with a powerful shield of protection as you navigate the transformative journey of fertility, ensuring a safe and sacred space for your babies to grow.

Here's what is also included:


✨ Exclusive Fertility Juju Academy Facebook Group: A space where we share, uplift one another, and grow together.


✨ Unlock Your Juju Bonus: Ever felt your juju could be even more powerful? Dive into my Fertility Juju Unlocked Course. Together, we’ll explore the secrets to unlocking its full potential, aligning it with your deepest desires.


✨ Work Your Juju Webinar Replay: Join the replay, where I dive into 4 potent rituals that WORK! Like for real, sis! These rituals work wonders; they’re the key to unlocking the doors to our wildest dreams.


✨ Exclusive Juju Discounts: Enjoy special savings on upcoming juju offerings, making sure your journey of growth and magick continues.

📅 Quick Facts:

  • Duration: 4 Weeks

  • Weekly Get-Togethers: Saturdays at 7 pm CST (Starting January 6, 2024)

  • Missed a Session? No Worries! Replays will be there for you, ensuring you won't miss a single moment of our shared magick.

💎 Founders Investment: $444 (Hurry! Price jumps to $888 after January 1, 2024)


Each ritual is normally $222+ so you do the math!

Payment plans are available!

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