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Fertility Juju Affirmation Cards

The Fertility Juju Affirmation Cards by Tam Inspires are a deck of 20 cards that speak and affirm your fertility.


Tam has combined her magical Juju of symbols and affirmations to create these cards to honor you, your fertility, body, relationships and spirit.


By affirming your fertility, it holds you accountable for the action steps needed for a happier and healthier future.


Tam Inspires created this deck for women and couples to speak and affirm their future!


Each card includes affirmations that will assist you in conceiving faster, connecting with your baby girl or boy in the womb and tapping into your own JUJU!


(To ACTIVATE the cards...please draw a △ on a candle (tea light, chime or 7 day to increase it's power! The color will depend on your intentions, but white is UNIVERSAL.


Here are some ways you can use the cards:


- You can pull a card every week and focus on that affirmation for the day.


- Repeat it to yourself using the 3 6 9 method.


- You can use it as an energetic affirmation during your fertility rituals.


- You can even light a tea light candle and chant the affirmation because it has multiple fire activation symbols on it to speed up the manifestation.


2.75"X4.75" (70×120mm) (20 Cards)


Buy this 20 card deck today!

Fertility Juju Affirmation Cards

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