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Spiritual Surgery on the Womb -My Personal Journey

Have you ever had a dream or vision where your body seemed to be healing itself, but in a spiritual way? Let me share my personal story with you of my journey through spiritual healing using plant allies, visualization, and dreams.

I'll never forget the day when plant medicine played a significant role in healing my ovarian pain caused by a cyst on my right side. It was as if the plant revealed to me a deep truththat I harbored not only my own trauma, but also the trauma of my ancestors within my right ovary, which eventually manifested as a cyst. Following a powerful ceremony, I received a profound message from one of my ancestors. It became clear that in order to heal, I had to confront and release the pain I had been carrying. The following month, I visited the doctor, and to my relief, everything was perfectly fine.

This experience made me realize that even though I had taken steps to naturally heal the cyst on my right ovary in my early 20s, remnants of trauma still lingered within me. It dawned on me that healing happens on multiple levels—the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Little did I expect that 15 years later, a plant ally would communicate with me, revealing the source of my pain through my subconscious mind. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with my current life, but rather, it was ancestral.

And here's the crazy partI was the one carrying that burden, completely unaware of it!

More recently, I had the privilege of undergoing another transformative experience—an extraordinary spiritual surgery that awakened me to the potential we hold within ourselves.

In a vivid dream, I found myself at the doctor's office, undergoing a procedure to clear my left Fallopian tube. While I was fully aware that it was a dream, I surrendered to the process, and as I did, I could sense a shift in the energy within me. It was a gentle yet powerful force permeating every single cell of my being. During the surgery, I experienced a cascade of vivid dreams and visions, as if my subconscious mind was being rewired and reprogrammed. When I awoke, I knew that what needed to be addressed physically had been rectified in the spiritual realm.

The Power of Mind and Dreams:

My journey of spiritual surgery is not an isolated incident. Throughout history, there have been countless accounts of individuals who have witnessed similar miraculous healings through the power of their minds and dreams.

Take Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat, Pray, Love," for example. In her memoir "Committed," she shared her own healing and fertility journey. Struggling with infertility and encountering multiple failed attempts at conceiving, Gilbert turned to alternative healing methods. Through a combination of spiritual practices, energy work, and emotional healing, she ultimately conceived and gave birth to a healthy child.

Anita Sadaty, an integrative gynecologist and women's health expert, has also witnessed numerous cases where women have transformed their reproductive health through holistic and spiritual approaches. Techniques like visualization, meditation, energy healing, and emotional release have led to improvements in menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalances, and fertility issues.

It's important to remember that each person's journey is unique, and what works for one may not work for another—just like in my own experience. However, I want to encourage you that spiritual healing is indeed possible. In fact, I witness it regularly during the Fertility Rituals I hold for my Juju Mamas.

My personal encounters with spiritual surgery and the healing have forever altered my perspective on the power of the human mind and the potential it holds. It has taught me that our minds are truly extraordinary tools, as well as our spiritual guides.

We all are capable of unlocking the hidden potential within us. While mainstream medicine may not recognize spiritual healing. The experiences and testimonies show us that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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