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Unlock The Spiritual Causes of Your Fibroids To Manifest Your Spirit Baby

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

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One of the biggest things I see blocking my JUJU mamas from getting pregnant is the spiritual trauma they’re still holding onto. When spiritual trauma is not addressed and healed, it can create other blockages in the body that make pregnancy more difficult.

Very often, these blockages manifest in the physical body as fibroids.

This month, I’m running a mini blog series on the topic of fibroids to help you learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of your fibroids, plus how to shrink your fibroids naturally to tap back into your JUJU and manifest your spirit babies.

And although many see fibroids as a physical issue, tapping into the spiritual causes of your fibroids can help you heal so you can bring your babies into this world.

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are masses of smooth muscle cells that grow and develop in the uterus. Although fibroids are not shown to increase your risk of uterine cancer, they can interfere with your chances of becoming pregnant, depending on their size and location.

Learning more about the physical causes of your fibroids and the emotional causes of your fibroids is key to finding balance in the body.

The spiritual side of fibroids: addressing unhealed trauma

For many, spiritual trauma is not something commonly associated with a physical condition such as fibroids. But if you think about it, fibroids are a physical expression of a spiritual or emotional block. When we have blocked energy in the body, it needs somewhere to go, and often this manifests as fibroids.

Addressing the areas of life you have stored trauma can help unlock the reasons behind your fibroids and finally let them go.

Healing ancestral trauma

It’s important to understand that some of the trauma you’re carrying in your womb doesn’t belong to you.

It belongs to the generations that came before you. It belongs to your lineage.

Healing your ancestral trauma is a huge part of busting those spiritual blocks. Especially as black women, we have a lot of generational trauma that we carry which needs to be recognized and healed. Historically, black women suffer much higher mortality rates than white women in the US from pregnancy and childbirth, and this generational trauma is passed down through the lineage as a way of self preservation and protection.

I also see a lot of times in my fertility readings many women who are carrying their mother’s trauma. Often the anger and bitterness they feel towards their own feminine energy, even if it’s unconscious, comes from past generations where women were not able to fully express themselves.

Healing this ancestral trauma is such an important part of conception, as your children will carry your lineage forward for future generations.

Healing relationship trauma

Relationship trauma is another area that can create a lot of spiritual blocks in the body.

If you’ve suffered abuse from previous partners or from your current partner, it can bring up issues around insecurity, mistrust, and sex.

Even if your current partner is fully supportive and loving, you need to take the time to heal these wounds. Letting go of past relationship trauma will help you feel more secure in your current relationship, so you can tap back into your sacred sexual energy.

If you find yourself struggling to connect in the bedroom, you need to do that deep work, or else you will continue to feel insecure and disconnected to your partner.

It’s also important to remember that your partners are bringing their own spiritual baggage into the relationship. They may have had multiple partners who’ve had abortions in the past, and so they have a lot of different spirit babies and contracts that they're carrying around that could be blocking the energy in your relationship. If they aren’t taking the time to cleanse or honor their own spiritual energy, these blocks related to conception will remain.

That’s why it’s so important that you come together with your partner to heal before bringing your spirit baby into this physical realm, because your baby will inherit both sides of your lineage.

Healing personal trauma

Aside from generational and relationship trauma, healing your own spiritual wounds is an important part of preventing fibroids.

Abortions are one form of spiritual trauma I see come up a lot in my fertility readings. If you’ve had an abortion in the past, your spirit baby may feel unsafe, unsupported, or even jealous, and is choosing not to be born for these reasons. Addressing the spiritual consequences of your (and your partner’s) abortions is key to healing your relationship with your future child.

Miscarriage can also create a lot of spiritual trauma. Healing from a miscarriage means addressing the loss, anger, and shame that comes with the experience, as well as letting go of the fear that it may happen again.

Healing personal trauma means cultivating self love and creating boundaries with others who interfere with that. Avoid people you mistrust, or that bring negativity into your life.

Practice fierce self care, and prioritize your health above all else. This means choosing foods that nourish your body, taking time to exercise, and prioritizing healthy relationships in your life. How you take care of yourself is a reflection of how you’ll take care of your child, so the more self love you practice now, the safer your spirit baby will feel entering this world.

Tips for healing your spiritual trauma

The way to tap into your spiritual trauma and heal is to connect with your guides, ancestors, and higher self so you can feel supported in this process. Take time to meditate each day, and ask your ancestors to reveal which blocks need to be addressed in your lineage.

Once you’re clear about where you need to heal, practice cleansing rituals with your partner that help you release built up trauma and clear your energy.

Protect this energy by creating strong boundaries in your relationships, and no longer accepting behavior that doesn’t serve you or the future you wish to have. Cultivate strong self love to help you reinforce these new boundaries in your life.

And if you’re looking for more support or guidance in this process, my fertility readings are a great place to start. These readings are designed to give you insight into what’s still blocking you from becoming pregnant. Book your fertility reading now.

Looking for more fertility resources to help you heal?

It’s time to learn what’s causing your fibroids once and for all.

In my free fibroids ebook, you’ll unlock the physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of your fibroids.

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