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The Badass Fertility Educator

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Tamara B. Smith is an Fertility Reading Expert and Fertility Educator

Hey Mama!

Tam is an Fertility Reading Expert and Fertility Educator

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Peace and fertility ladies! 
I'm Tam!

Fertility Educator
Fertility Reader
Magickal AF

My Story
I've been on this journey for over 10 years and it all started from me being a BADASS! I was single (and out in these and tired of birth control. Tired of the bloating, the cramps and periods showing up out of nowhere. I was tired of the doctors wanting me to try another form of birth control to regulate my fertility problems already caused by it. So I found a different way to tap into my own juju and learned to do it with much success.

How Can I Help You?
Honey...listen! I've been where you are. The challenges I faced was not trusting myself, my spirit guides nor my body to be able to naturally track my cycle to get pregnant. I've been training and coaching women to get pregnant for almost 10 years now. I help them connect with their spirit babies - the baby who is already chosen for you and your partner. I teach women how to tap into the fertility juju that our ancestors handed down. It’s simple, but often forgotten by so many people today.

"I've helped hundreds of women get pregnant, and now I'm here to show you how!"


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Tam is an Fertility Reading Expert and Fertility Educator

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Best reading ever and I found out that I was pregnant a couple weeks later. 😍

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