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Acceptance is Healing

We know now that the causes of our pain on this fertility journey was not fully our fault.

The Bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

We have to accept that we were not knowledgeable about the toxins that would affect our womb space and later affect our ability and power to create .

A big part of our healing journey is to reverse the trauma, the eating habits, the chemicals around us that has caused the imbalances in our lives.

It is time that we become accountable and to step into what IS…so that we can become what will BE.

Divine mothers.

This is a part of our healing journey.

It is a journey of self reflection and awareness.

It is a journey of learning, unlearning and relearning what works for us.

It is a journey of not blaming others for our lack of knowledge and to do the work by acknowledging the fact that we did not know what the food, the medication, the relationship, the soul ties, the abortions, the uncleansed miscarriages were doing to our mind, body and spirit.

It is time for us to be accountable for our healing, and to stop blaming others for the lack of it.

It is our HEALING.

It is our JOURNEY.

It is our POWER that we must tap into.

We will push through the blockages and limitations caused by our mind that is seen in our body through our wombs.

It is time that we break free from playing the victim, and owning our power to change the direction of our lives when it comes to creating through conception.

It is time that we spiritually cleanse to uncover and remove the blockages throughout our lives and even our past lives.

This journey is not an easy journey, and it will take much time and a lot of work.

But it will be worth it so that our spirit babies can manifest through us because we connected to ourselves first and healed, so that they can communicate with us and we can hold space for them to let them know that because we released the trauma it is now safe for them to manifest through us and be healed.

Can I get an AMEN!

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