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Infertility and Grief

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Women who suffer from infertility go through the stages of grief every month.

Especially women of color that are dealing with the lack of equity in the healthcare system every day.

The impact of hormonal shifts after a loss has a major effect on psychologic well-being.

You can't just dance it away or even smile it away. You have to work through it.

According to, grief is a natural response to losing someone or something that’s important to you.

Here are the stages of grief to be aware of...


“This isn’t happening.” You may feel shocked or numbness may come over you. This is your body's temporary way to deal with the rush of emotion and is a defense mechanism.


You are pissed off! Trying to figure out, why me? You may feel frustrated and helpless. These feelings later turn into anger. You might direct it toward other people, a higher power, or life in general.

"When you’re in deep, emotional pain, it can be tempting to try to numb your feelings with drugs, alcohol, food, or even work. But be careful. These are temporary escapes that won’t make you heal faster or feel better in the long run." – Carol D, MD

Sadness sets in as you begin to sit with the reality of the loss and its effect on your life. Signs of depression include lack of energy or interest, crying, sleep issues, and a decreased appetite. You may also feel regretful and lonely.


It's okay to talk to a therapist or join a group of other women who understand what you are going through. What has happened is devastating and just plan ole depressing. But there is so much support out here for you sis.

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