4 Crystals to Supercharge Your Fertility and Heal Spiritual Blocks

Using crystals for fertility and pregnancy is a powerful way to connect to your intentions while trying to conceive. Working with the right crystals will introduce healing, protective, and loving energies into your life that will help you establish a strong foundation from which to manifest your spirit babies. If you’re ready to dive deeper into how these gemstones can help you on your ttc journey, then keep reading sis.

How do crystals work?

Each crystal carries its own unique vibration you can access. This vibration is present within the crystal’s structure, known as the crystal lattice. Within the crystal lattice, is an energy that emits a constant frequency. When you work with crystals, you are given the opportunity to match your energetic field to these frequencies. For example, placing yourself near a crystal that emits an energy of protection will help protect you in times of need. Working with a crystal that emits a frequency of love will increase love in your life. Choosing to work with crystals that match your intentions is a great way to increase manifestations and boost your fertility JUJU.

How can crystals improve my fertility?

Crystals can work with your fertility JUJU by

  • Balancing your hormones

  • Healing your root, sacral, and heart chakras

  • Clearing negative energy

  • Providing space for your intentions

  • Aiding in protection

How do I start using crystals in my fertility ritual?

The first thing you need to do when working with a new crystal is to tune in to its frequency. You can do this by simply holding the crystal, and taking in its color, shape ,and size.

Once you have taken a moment to connect with your crystal, set a strong intention. Intention setting is a powerful practice, because it is programming the crystal to operate at the frequency you wish to be at.

When setting your intention, be specific about the what, when, and why. What do you want to achieve? A loving relationship with your partner? A deeper connection to your spirit babies? A healthy, full term pregnancy? When do you want to achieve this goal? And why? Take a few moments to meditate on these questions, and write them down in a journal.

Now that you know your crystal and your intention, it’s time to program your crystal. Keeping your intention in mind, hold the crystal in your dominant hand. Take a few deep inhales and exhales, focusing on your intention. When you are ready, state your intention aloud, meditating on it as if it is already here. Your crystal is now ready to boost your fertility mama!

Here are a few ways to use your new crystal: