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How to Know If Your Spirit Baby Is Sending You Messages

Spirit babies are souls that exist on the spiritual plane, who are ready to come through and experience life in the physical. Spirit babies are actively choosing the experience they wish to have on Earth, including which parents they are born to. This is so each soul can learn the lessons he or she has come into being to learn that only you can teach. This means that your spirit baby is choosing you! They come here to help progress and heal your ancestor’s lineage and further each new generation.

Having a relationship with your spirit baby before he or she is conceived will strengthen the connection you have to your future child, and make the path to fertility more clear. I help you connect to your spirit babies in my fertility readings.

How do you know if your spirit baby is trying to communicate with you?

Spirit babies often send messages to their future parents to let them know they are ready to come through. You may have known your spirit baby in a past life, and he or she may use signs that feel familiar to you to get your attention such as repeating numbers or images.This could take the form of constantly seeing babies wherever you go. These babies may seem attracted to you, as if trying to communicate that your spirit baby is close by. People may bring up the topic of babies out of the blue, or you may suddenly feel the need to buy baby items, even though you aren’t yet pregnant.

If you are struggling to connect to your spirit babies, I recommend asking them to show you specific signs. Think of something that has particular meaning for you, and see if it starts to pop up. You can also communicate with your spirit babies with the use of an oracle deck. I use oracle cards in my readings to communicate with your spirit babies. My Fertility Juju Affirmation deck is great practice to start with to open up the gates of communication.

Another simple way to connect to your spirit babies is to ask them to send messages in your dreams.

Since dreams are the realm of spirit babies, it is important to pay attention to the message your spirit baby is choosing to communicate. These messages can help you understand which blocks you still need to work through on your path towards conception. Pay attention to the specific emotions the dreams bring up, as these will help you identify what you still need to work through. Your spirit baby may also reveal a specific gender, a name, or even how he or she wishes to be born. Ultimately, everyone’s experience will be different, and the meanings of these dreams are up to you to interpret.

Seeking the help of an experienced intuitive reader is a great way to find clarity. I have helped many women connect with their spirit babies in my fertility readings. During my readings I use my intuition to tap into your energy and provide guidance and messages from your ancestors, spirit guides, and spirit babies to help set you on the path towards conception. Often these readings will bring up blocks or shifts that still need to happen for you, in order to bring your spirit baby into the physical. You can learn more about my readings and book here.

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