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8 Fertility Mantras for Black Women During Fertility Rituals

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

One of the easiest ways to connect to your spirit babies and think positive thoughts during a fertility ritual is affirmations and repeating mantras. Negative thoughts during a ritual will only attract negativity.

Fertility Mantras for Black Women During Fertility Rituals

Manifest that baby!

Manifestations work in line with visualization. Visualization is vital; you have to visualize your motherhood. When we imagine or visualize something, the brain triggers the neurons to perform or act on our vision. While on your fertility journey, mantras activate the law of attraction; you bring things into existence through your words.

Fertility mantras and meditation reduce blood pressure and lower stress. They help you stay in the moment; you are not focusing on the past or future; it keeps you focused on your goals. Mantras help you to stay in check, endure and achieve your dreams. It is the perfect support system for infertility treatment.

If you say your mantra the wrong way, the chances of it not working become high. It takes intentionality for mantras to become a reality. Find a comfortable position to chant your mantra, and you can take a meditation position or find a quiet corner of your house.

Clear your mind and relax. Be in the moment. Ensure you breathe properly, count to ten while you inhale and another ten while you exhale. Try the breathing exercise for 2 minutes. Choose a mantra for the day while on your treatment and chant it out loud.

Here are 8 mantras that will help you during your fertility rituals.

1. Miracles happen every day

Your body is a perfect vessel for bringing forth new life. Remind yourself that miracles happen every day. Repeat this mantra during your rituals to attract your spirit baby into your life. If you believe a miracle will happen to you, the mantra will help you attract your miracle. Remember to have your mind relaxed while chanting this mantra. Take a deep breath in and say, “miracles happen every day,” now, breathe out and repeat.

2. I focus on the power of now.

The IVF treatment might be new to you or something you have tried before. For this mantra to work, you have to focus on the power of now. Let go of the past, forget the failed treatments. The power of now allows you to release pain and find your inner peace. The chances of your treatments working become high when you channel the power of now. Let your mind be empty, and chant these words “I focus on the power of now.”

3. I am an amazing mother

If you believe it, then you will achieve it. It is precisely how this mantra works. You need to know that everything will be okay, just breathe. Let go of all the thoughts that don't serve you. Once your treatment is over, you will make an amazing mother to your baby or babies. While chanting this mantra, let the message get into the consciousness of your brain. Your brain will process this information and turn it into a fact. Say the words “I am an amazing mother” and mean it because, girl, you are!

4. I choose positive thoughts for my journey

Positive thoughts give a new perspective to your journey. There is no room for you to think about this treatment failing. Surround yourself with positive people as it will help on your journey. It is not a good time to surround yourself with negative energy. All your words during this journey have to be positive. Because you are human, there will be moments of sadness when you feel negative; it will be the right time to recite this mantra. Be grateful for this treatment and say, “I choose positive thoughts for my journey” repeat this on days you feel sad.

5. I am more than fertility

This is one of my favorite mantras because, sis, you are more than infertility! It is normal to overthink during your treatment; that's the human side of you. Before saying this mantra, make a list of the things you love about yourself. It can be your hair, your nails, how your mind works, or your work. Don't let yourself wallow in sadness. When you have your list ready, let it be a guide to let you know that you are more than infertility. It will also help in your treatment and conception process.

6. My spirit is open to receiving my baby

We attract the type of energy we manifest. If you manifest negative energy during your treatment, the result will be negative. It would help if you had positive energy. Energy is attracted to energy; if you channel your energy towards being fertile during your treatment, it will work. Relax your mind, realize that life and time can bend for you. Repeat this mantra “my spirit is open to receiving my baby.” You can also make an affirmation card out of it and place it in your mirror or somewhere in the house you walk into every day.

7. I choose hope over fear

One thing I learned from my spirit guide is that God’s timing is the best. Pray for God to form a new soul for you and your partner to call a little one. Once you have made this prayer, repeat this fertility mantra “I choose hope over fear.” Fear limits your ability to procreate. Be hopeful for the good side of your fertility ritual.

8. Every day will lead to the result I want

The right attitude brings forth the things we desire. Allow your spirit to lead you to the results you want. Find a meditation position, repeat this mantra “every day will lead to the result I want.” Be patient and let your body take the necessary actions.

While saying these mantras daily, remember to sign up for a fertility reading today! There are a lot of good things on the way for you. Once you believe the things you desire, they will come to you.

Connect with your spirit babies; book your fertility reading today!

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