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How Tanya Caught the Pregnancy Wave

Her journey of spiritually conceiving revealed.

Most of us already know the importance of spiritually aligning to manifest.

Some of you may even think that the process of achieving a successful pregnancy is complex (even though it seems easy for everyone else).

I’d like to introduce you to Tanya, one of my Fertility Juju Mamas who also had her doubts, but she took the leap, invested in herself, and now is 5 months pregnant.

Tanya is just like many of you, in her late 30's, irregular periods and has been trying for 5 years.

In just a few months after her Fertility Reading and participating in the Fertility Ritual, Tanya has went from being almost ready to give up to… being so thankful that she kept trying.

Now if you think that it won't happen for you...that's your first mistake. Your negative thinking.

After the Fertility Ritual, Tanya's grandmother appeared to her in a dream and told her to prepare for her baby.

Her grandmother was holding her baby in the dream.

So what did Tanya do?

She bought baby clothes....talked to her spirit baby and started decorating her baby room.

That's the power that my Fertility Rituals can bring to you.

The ability to connect with your spirit guides to receive the answers.

If you take nothing else away from her story, know this:


Your Spirit Guides want to guide you on your fertility journey.

(I used an alias name to protect my clients identity)

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