My Top 3 Magic Herbs to Increase Your Fertility and Meet Your Spirit Babies

If you’re ready to increase your fertility JUJU and manifest your babies, then it’s time to start incorporating magic herbs into your fertility ritual!

Many ladies in the Tam Inspires Fertility Tribe have asked which herbs are best for getting pregnant, and these are the fertility herbs I see many women having success using in my fertility rituals. These three herbs will help connect you to your heart, so the spiritual blocks preventing you from conception can be healed.


Lavender is used to bring peace and longevity. Using lavender in your fertility ritual will calm the nervous system, creating space for your third eye to open.

This will help you connect to a higher vibration of love and connectedness. Being in a state of peace and emotional warmth helps connect you to your guides, and feel the loving energy they wish to share.

Lavender also serves to enhance dreams. Since your spirit babies often communicate with you through your dreams, I recommend using this magic herb before bed so you can better communicate with your babies, and receive the messages they have for you.


Motherwort can be used to connect with the divine mother that lives within all of us. Forming a relationship with this magic herb will create an inner confidence and deepened sense of trust to the divine feminine. In order to increase your fertility JUJU, you must first awaken the mother within. By connecting to the divine mother, you can use her energy to further connect to your spirit babies, and let them know it is safe to come through. That is because motherwort is a protective herb, and can be used to send out motherly healing energy to you and your baby.

Additionally, motherwort can be used to ease painful periods, and to help tone the lining of the uterus. It is a wonderful herb to incorporate into your fertility rituals if trying to conceive, but I do not recommend it to my ladies who are currently pregnant.


Catnip is a powerful fertility herb that can be used to attract love, comfort and good spirits. Whether you are looking to attract a new partner, or increase the attraction in your current relationship, catnip creates a positive energy for romantic relationships.

Catnip can also bring about luck, and playfulness. If you find yourself constantly surrounded by negativity, I recommend incorporating catnip into your spiritual practice to lighten your energy, and feel good. Catnip will attract positive people into your life, who know how to appreciate you for your special gifts.

3 Ways to Use Magic Herbs