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Fertility Magick is Already in You!

We were born to CREATE!

I understand that you have been trying to conceive for some time now and it's damn right frustrating. It hurts every time you see that negative pregnancy test or you have a chemical pregnancy. That shit hurts and I pray for your healing.

However, we can never forget that we were born to create. Women have the ability to take a seed and birth legacies. We nurture, educate and heal. We created Kingdoms and Kings because they had to come through us FIRST.

Every time my sistahs attend my Fertility Rituals, they notice a change in the way they create. They feel the flutters in their bellies and see pregnancy and motherhood through visions and dreams of their CREATION aka Spirit Babies.

The Universe wants you to CREATE...if you desire to have a baby.

Are you ready to tap into to your Fertility Juju to create? I have affirmation cards that have helped hundreds of women tap in.

I know you are are reading this have seen the know in your spirit that you can birth a nation. But let's think about what else we can create in the meantime to keep the energy of creation flowing.

Listen to your womb...listen to your spirit and rest in knowing that your fertility magick is already within just have to TAP IN.

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