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Top Three Candle Colors to Increase Your Fertility and Manifest Your Babies

Using a fertility candle in your fertility ritual is a powerful way to connect to the spiritual world, and increase your manifestations. Candles can act as a fertility symbol, by sending a message to your babies so they know that they are thought of and are ready to be conceived.

Each candle color has a powerful vibration and meaning depending on your intentions. By utilizing the power of candle color magick in your fertility rituals, you can increase your connection to your spirit babies.

Candle colors to use that are most effective are white, green and pink.

White Candles

White candles symbolize new beginnings, healing, and peace. They are often used to call on spirit guides, or to help calm the mind. I recommend using a white candle in your ritual when you are going through a phase of destruction and rebirth. This can be a literal phase in life, such as moving to a new home, starting a new job, or beginning a romantic relationship, or it can be a symbolic time of renewal and healing within yourself. White candle magick has a way of clearing and cleansing past energies, and can be very powerful when paired with a strong intention.

Green Candles

Green candles symbolize fertility, health, and growth. They are often used when connecting with mother nature, and with the sacred mother within. I recommend using a green candle in your ritual practice when you are choosing to connect with your divine feminine energy, or want to focus on your physical body. The green candle magick will enhance your fertility JUJU, and help you feel more abundant, and healthy in your body.

Pink Candles

Pink candles represent self love, inner child healing and friendship. They are often used when connecting to the heart. I recommend using pink candle magick in your ritual when trying to heal inner wounds inflicted on yourself, or others. If you are experiencing turbulent relationships in your life, or receiving negative energy from a loved one, the color pink can help to heal and transcend those negative emotions. This transcendence will clear the way for you to connect with your spirit babies, and manifest from a place of love and healing.

Setting Intentions With Your Candles

When deciding which candle color is best to use for your next fertility ritual, I recommend coming back to your intentions.

What spiritual blocks do you still need to overcome? Are you choosing to focus on fertility, spiritual healing, or inner child work? Focusing your ritual on a specific intention or goal will help you intuitively choose which candle color is right for you at this time.

If you have done a reading with me, then you may already know which spiritual blocks you are being called upon to work through by your guides. If you are unsure of how to connect to your guides, or what messages they have for you regarding your fertility, my readings are a great way to gain clarity.

You can also connect to your guides using other diviner tools such as affirmation cards, pendulums, journaling, meditation, and prayer. By setting the intention to connect with your guides every day, your intuitive voice will grow stronger, and you will be given insight into what you need to work through in order to bring your spirit babies to you.

If you are ready to start incorporating candle color magick into your spiritual practice, join me for my next fertility ritual. During this ritual, the gates will be open for you to connect with your guides, receive important messages, and begin healing your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. This healing will help prepare the way for your manifestations, and increase your fertility JUJU. I have helped over 200 women catch the pregnancy wave through my rituals, and can’t wait to welcome you in sis. Join my next fertility ritual here.

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