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3 Ways to Make Your Next Fertility Ritual a Success

For all the ladies out there who’ve chosen the holistic fertility path, participating in a monthly spiritual practice, such as my fertility ritual, is one way to support your physical, spiritual, and emotional health during your ttc journey.

Rituals serve as a way to check in with yourself, and go deep. They provide an opportunity to remove blocks and open your womb to abundance. Before participating in any ritual, it’s important to prepare both physically and spiritually.

If you’re ready to step up and finally get the results you’ve been waiting for, then follow these steps to experience your most powerful ritual yet.

Prepare your physical body

Leading up to the ritual, it’s important to cleanse and prepare your physical body. Here are a few ways you can shift your physical energy for more success during the ritual:

Track your cycle:

Tracking your cycle consistently and efficiently is essential when it comes to holistic fertility. If you aren’t already tracking your cycle, then sis it’s time you start! If you don’t know when you’re ovulating, you are missing that critical window of time to become pregnant. I suggest using a combination of these 3 methods:

  • The temperature method

  • The cervical fluid method

  • The calendar method

You can learn more about how to track your cycle in my Badass Guide to Fertility course.

Knowing where you’re at in your cycle during the ritual can help amplify your intentions. For example, being on your period during the ritual is an opportunity to release any physical and spiritual blocks, while ovulation can represent a time of beginnings to plant new seeds.

Drink more water:

Drink more water on the days leading up to the ritual, as hydration provides you with essential minerals your body needs to flush out toxins and support fertility. You can even incorporate herbal teas during this time as a way to further support your reproductive health, and magnify your intentions. Learn more about which herbs can support fertility here.

Eat clean:

Some foods carry a high frequency, while others have a low frequency. It’s important that you’re eating high vibe foods (organic fruits and vegetables) during the week of the ritual to support your physical body. Avoid processed foods and refined sugar, as these foods carry a low vibrational energy which bring negative emotions to the surface.

Orange vegetables are especially supportive during this time, as they help activate your sacral chakra and support reproductive health. Try incorporating foods like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peaches, papaya, and oranges during the week of the ritual.

Prepare your spiritual body

After you’ve taken steps to support your physical body, it’s important to cleanse your spiritual body as well. Coming into the ritual with clear spiritual energy will help you connect with your spirit babies and guides easier, so that you’ll be open to receiving the messages they have for you.

Here are a few ways you can shift your spiritual energy for a more successful fertility ritual:

Take a spiritual bath:

I recommend taking a cleansing bath or shower before the ritual. A spiritual bath is not necessarily about getting clean, but rather clearing emotional and spiritual blocks. The point is to wash away negative energy, so you aren’t bringing that negativity with you to the ritual. Learn more about the different ways to spiritually cleanse here.

Write down your intentions:

Take some time before the ritual to get clear on your intentions. Setting clear intentions provides a road map for your manifestations by clarifying to the Universe exactly what it is you want. Write your intentions on a piece of paper prior, and burn it during the ritual to release your intentions to the Universe.

Prepare your space

The final step for having a successful fertility ritual is preparing your space. Your home is an energetic reflection upon you, your partner, and the family you hope to create. Making sure your space mirrors your intentions will help magnify your experience during the ritual.

Here are a few tips to help your prepare your space for a successful fertility ritual:

Cleanse the space:

Choose the area where you will be performing your fertility ritual, and cleanse the space. First be sure that it is clean and free of dust or clutter. Then cleanse it by burning sage, palo santo, incense, or by lighting a candle blessed with your intentions.

Set up a fertility altar:

If you don’t already have one, set up a fertility altar in a special corner of your home. A fertility altar does not have to be overly complex or specific. It’s simply a place where you go to connect with your spirit baby. Things to include in your altar are

  • Candles

  • Crystals (try these)

  • Baby toys or clothes

  • Candy for your spirit babies

  • African fertility dolls

For more tips on how to use your home to support your fertility click here.

Getting the most out of your next fertility ritual will depend on whether or not you show up and do the work. While some of my JUJU mamas need more support with their physical health, others need to work on clearing spiritual blocks that are preventing them from becoming pregnant.

What you need most will depend on where you’re at in your fertility journey. Using fertility tools to assist you on this journey is one way to get the support you need. That’s why I created my Fertility JUJU Ritual Kit. Each fertility tool in this kit is carefully curated, and will help amplify your fertility ritual. Get the kit in time for your next ritual here.

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