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Want To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant? Learn How With My Fertility Rituals

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A green fertility candle surrounded by a fertility altar

For many of my juju mamas trying to conceive, a fertility ritual can serve as a staple in your spiritual practice to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Rituals serve as a way to check in with yourself, and go deep. My fertility ritual is your opportunity to remove any physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages so you can open your womb to abundance.

These rituals have helped over 300 women get pregnant by busting through their limiting beliefs, so they can step into their divine feminine power and become the mother they know they can be.

Just hear what this juju mama had to say after attending one of my fertility rituals:

A fertility ritual testimonial of a woman having a successful pregnancy

And although many women who’ve attended my rituals have successfully conceived with their partners, there are other benefits to participating as well.

The truth is sis, you may be ready to finally bring your baby eathside, but often there are other blocks that need to be addressed first. The power of these fertility rituals come from helping you move through these blocks, and release what needs to be released, so you can clear the way for a successful pregnancy.

Whether you are working through physical, emotional, or spiritual manifestations of your fertility journey, participating in this ritual can benefit you in more ways than one.

Some of which might surprise you!

Increase Your Fertility Physically

If you’re struggling with physical blockages on your fertility journey, this ritual can help bring your body back into balance. Many women who participate in the rituals experience physical symptoms depending on where they’re at in the healing process.

Here are a few examples of physical blockages that can become clear:

Regulate your menstrual cycle

If your menstrual cycle is out of sync, it can be very difficult to become pregnant, because it’s hard to tell when you’re ovulating. Many of my juju mamas struggle to track their fertility, because their period is either irregular, or isn’t coming at all.

One of the benefits of participating in the fertility ritual is getting your period back to a 28 day cycle. Once it’s become regular, you can start tracking the four phases of your cycle successfully, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant!

Here is one juju mama’s experience:

A fertility ritual testimonial of a woman regulating her menstrual cycle

Clear physical blockages

When it comes to fertility, one of the most common blocks women face are fibroids. Fibroids are masses of smooth muscle cells that grow and develop in the uterus and can interfere with your chances of becoming pregnant, depending on their size and location.

Fibroids cause infertility in 3% of all women trying to conceive, and black women are 3x more likely to develop fibroids when compared to white women.

That’s why working to shrink your fibroids naturally is key to getting pregnant. Because fibroids are physical manifestations of blockages in the body, a fertility ritual can help address what’s causing these blockages emotionally and spiritually, so you can let them go.

To learn more about the physical, emotional, and spiritual causes behind your fibroids, download my free ebook to heal your fibroids naturally here.

Experience pregnancy symptoms

One way to tell if the ritual is healing your physical blockages is if you start to experience pregnancy symptoms. Many of the women who’ve done this ritual have reported feelings of nausea, cramping, a full feeling in the belly, and even fluttering in their uterus.

Experiencing pregnancy symptoms like these days after participating is a sign that your body is clearing the way, and can be a preparation for what’s to come. Experiences like this can give you the inspiration you need to move forward on your journey and continue healing.

Increase your sex drive

Taking the time to connect to that divine feminine within can unlock renewed feelings of intimacy with yourself and your partner. It can also release a lot of stored energy in your sacral chakra, the energy center that governs sex, creativity, and play.

For these reasons, some juju mamas have noticed an increase in their libido after the ritual in themselves and their partner. Obviously, when it comes to makin’ a baby, these results are ideal!

Participating in the fertility ritual can help you reconnect to each other sexually and release some of that built up tension.

A fertility ritual testimonial of how the ritual improved her sex life

Increase Your Fertility Emotionally

Your emotional health has a much larger impact on your fertility than you think. Stress from a relationship, family dynamics, finances, or your job could all be contributing to your inability to conceive.

When you store painful emotions such as fear, shame, anger, or jealousy, those emotions create negative energy that can hold you back from manifesting your baby.

Participating in a spiritual practice such as my fertility ritual can help you work through some of those emotions, and let them go. Many women accomplish this through meditation, affirmations, journaling, or prayer.

Here are a few emotional benefits to participating in the ritual:

Create a stronger connection with your partner

One of the most surprising yet rewarding results women get from the ritual is a renewed sense of intimacy with their partner.

So often we live life on autopilot, and long term partners can start to feel more like roommates. By taking the time to connect deeper with yourself, you are embodying more self love, which makes you more attractive to everyone around you.

When it comes to having a successful experience, I've seen the most success when the partner is involved.

A fertility ritual testimonial of how a woman got engaged after the ritual

Including your partner in this powerful experience will help you connect to each other and your spirit baby, so you can create more energy around your manifestations.

Activities common to the ritual like meditating, journaling, and creating a fertility altar can help you bond with your partner, and talk through feelings that come up, so you’re on the same page during this exciting time. I encourage you to find creative ways to invite your loved one into this experience, so they can be an equal part of this journey.

For some ideas, download my free Love Ritual Ebook where I share my favorite rituals for connecting with your partner.

Release negative and limiting beliefs

If you’ve been on this fertility journey for a while, it’s likely feelings of fear, unworthiness, or even disbelief have come up, especially if you’ve experienced miscarriage.

Miscarriages can be traumatic. They bring up painful emotions such as grief, loss, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, resentment, and disappointment. Working through these emotions is an important first step before trying to conceive again. This ritual provides a safe space for you to do that.

Throughout your journey, you may have also developed some limiting beliefs around why you haven’t gotten pregnant yet. These fertility rituals can bring many beliefs to the surface, so you can fully address them and let them go. This will free up space in your womb to finally connect to your spirit baby and bring them home.

Increase Your Fertility Spiritually

Your spiritual health is one of the most untapped areas of abundance you hold in your womb. Learning how to tap into this aspect of your fertility is so key to receiving the messages you need to move forward.

Participating in my fertility rituals will help strengthen your intuition by connecting you to your spirit babies, ancestors, and guides, who may have insightful messages to share.

Connect with your spirit babies

One of the biggest results I see my juju mamas experience after the ritual is connecting with their spirit babies. Having a relationship with your spirit baby before he or she is conceived will strengthen the connection you have to your future child, and make the path to fertility more clear.

You may connect with your spirit baby by seeing signs (repeating numbers or images), or they can even visit you in your dreams. Pay attention to the specific emotions the dreams bring up, as these will help you identify what you still need to work through. They may also reveal a specific gender, a name, or even the path through which they wish to be born.

Another sign you’re ready to connect to your spirit baby is starting to see babies wherever you go. These babies may seem attracted to you, as if trying to communicate that your spirit baby is close by. People may bring up the topic of babies out of the blue, or you could suddenly feel the need to buy baby items, even though you aren’t yet pregnant.

A fertility ritual testimonial of a woman experiencing more synchronicities

Connecting with your ancestors and guides

Your ancestors and spirit guides are with you all the time, but if you don’t have a spiritual practice that helps you connect with them, you won’t receive the guidance they wish to share.

Developing a relationship with my guides has been one of the most transformative journeys of my life. They’ve offered so much insight and wisdom, which has helped me tap even deeper into my work as a fertility reader and educator.

Connecting with your ancestors during the ritual can help you access and heal ancestral trauma that may be blocking your fertility journey. Doing the work to heal your lineage is important to create a safe space for your spirit babies to be born.

Remember, they chose you to be the portal that they want to come through! Healing your spiritual trauma is part of doing this fertility work, and your guides are here to support you in that.

Now that you understand all the amazing benefits that come with participating in one of my fertility rituals, it’s time to experience it for yourself!

Looking for more resources on your fertility journey? Sis, I got you!

Download my FREE 30 Days of Rituals Challenge to 10x your fertility in just 30 days!

*Disclaimer: Every person has a unique level of commitment, experiences, test results and spiritual beliefs, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical clients experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what these clients have achieved. Suggestions are not a substitute for medical advice from a physician, and we do not diagnose medical conditions.

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