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3 Everyday Rituals to Increase Fertility and Manifest Your Baby This Year

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Pregnant black women holding her arms up towards the sky in gratitude.

If you’re looking for natural ways to increase fertility and manifest your rainbow babies this year, these everyday fertility rituals are exactly what you need to get that good juju flowing. As a fertility educator and spiritual coach, the power of daily rituals cannot be understated. I’ve seen amazing results happen with juju mamas who choose to integrate their fertility ritual work into their daily lives using these practices.

Commit to one of these rituals for 30 days, and watch as spiritual blockages are cleared, and the path forward is revealed. You can use these practices to tap into your highest self, and form a deeper connection to your spirit babies, and the divine mother within.

Ready sis? Let’s goooooo!

Fertility Ritual for Gratitude: “Wake Up Thankful” Ritual

Now you know I had to start this list off with a gratitude practice! But if you know me, then you know I’m not about taking a cookie cutter approach. If you want real results with this ritual, then you need to dig deep and believe that what you’re saying is true. After all, words are spells…that’s why they call it spelling. 😜

According to the National Institute of Health, a daily gratitude practice creates a host of benefits for women struggling with infertility. Acknowledging and expressing gratitude can help reduce fertility-related stress, and increase qualities like hope, acceptance, and resiliency during your fertility journey.

Spiritually speaking, practicing daily gratitude transforms your ability to manifest by changing your mindset from one of lack, to one of abundance. Here’s how this works…

When you choose to fixate on the things you don’t have in life (financial security, a loving partner, a successful pregnancy), you’re sending a message to the Universe to give you more of what you don’t want.

Fortunately, you can shift this lack mindset to one of abundance by practicing this “wake up thankful” ritual. Start each day by acknowledging all the positive things in your life that are supporting your highest good. You can state them out loud while getting dressed, or driving to work, or write them down in a gratitude journal.

To take this ritual one step further, try affirming what you desire as if it’s already happening. Thank your body for giving you a healthy pregnancy, Thank the Universe for providing you with healthy babies.

Here are some examples to get you started:

“I am so damn grateful that my body is healthy, fertile, and working to conceive my baby.”

“I am so grateful that I am connecting with my spirit baby everyday.”

“I am so grateful for what my fertility journey is teaching me about my highest self.”

Try this ritual for 30 days, and watch as all you desire begins to manifest.

Fertility Ritual for Healing: "Acknowledge Who Hurt You and Forgive" Ritual

This ritual is for all my juju mamas who are still holding on to spiritual trauma from a past partner, family member, or loved one. We all come into this life with contractual agreements through our relationships. These agreements are here to help us grow. But sometimes we allow these past hurts to take up too much space in our hearts, and prevent us from moving forward.

If you’re still holding onto pain from the past either consciously or subconsciously, it’s creating spiritual blockages in your womb. It’s time to let that pain go so you can move forward, and welcome this new chapter in your life.

For this ritual you will need a bowl of water, or simply use the faucet in your bathroom sink. Start by acknowledging who hurt you, and how you’re choosing to let that sh*t go. Run your hands under the faucet while reciting your intentions, or splash water over your face when finished.

If you feel you can and are ready to forgive this person, try working with this phrase…

“NAME, I forgive you for _______. I release you from all contractual agreements and am ready to move forward.

It’s not always easy to forgive. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just gotta release the energy from your body in order to move forward. If you’re in a place where you cannot forgive this person, try this:

“NAME, “f*ck you!” Then release that sh*t by shaking it off with your hands.

To take this ritual even further, you can write this person’s name on a piece of paper, and light it on fire to release the smoke into the spiritual realm. Water and fire are two very simple, yet powerful spiritual elements. Water is cleansing, while fire is transformative. Choose whichever speaks to you most.

Practice this forgiveness ritual everyday for 30 days, and watch as you create space in your womb for new beginnings to take root.

Fertility Ritual for Self Love: “Light a Candle For Self” Ritual

This ritual is all about spending time with the person who matters most on your fertility journey…you. Use this ritual to carve out space to sit with yourself, and enjoy a moment of peace.

Start this ritual by setting the right vibes. The juju mamas in the Tam Inspires Community have created a Good Vibes playlist to help you get started. You can listen to the playlist HERE.

Once you’ve set aside a sacred space, light a candle for yourself. This simple act helps you tune into your own energy by doing something special. You can use this time to practice yoga, meditation, fertility juju affirmations, to pull a fertility card, or simply sit and enjoy the moment.

Using candle magic as a part of your daily ritual practice is easy and fun! You can even choose candle colors that represent where you’re at in your spiritual journey to further support your manifestations.

Here are the colors I recommend specifically for fertility:

White candles symbolize new beginnings, healing, and peace. They are often used to call on spirit guides, or to help calm the mind. Use a white candle during phases of rebirth and renewal.

Green candles symbolize fertility, health, and growth. Use a green candle to help you feel more abundant, and healthy in your body. If a green candle is calling to you, this green fertility candle is the perfect place to start.

Pink candles represent self love, inner child healing and friendship. They can help to heal and transcend negative emotions and heartbreak. Use a pink candle if you want to heal your relationships, or are receiving negative energy from a loved one.

Practice lighting a candle everyday for 30 days and watch as your connection to yourself, your spirit babies, and your divine feminine energy goes off the charts.

Everyday rituals like these are amazing for creating new beginnings, and bringing expansive energy into your life. Remember mama, nothing changes if nothing changes. And if you’re committed to making progress on your fertility journey, investing in yourself through these daily practices is the best thing you can do.

Let’s start things off right inside my next fertility ritual. These rituals have helped hundreds of women connect to their spirit babies, regulate their cycles, and even catch the pregnancy wave. If you’ve been feeling stuck on your ttc journey, this ritual is exactly what you need to manifest your baby this year.

Looking for more fertility ritual inspiration? You know I got you!

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