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I Did The Fertility Ritual...Now What? 8 Post Ritual Self Care Practices To Increase Fertility

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Pregnant women practicing self care

As a fertility juju coach and educator, I’m all about using self-care practices to increase fertility. If you’ve participated in one of my fertility rituals before, then you know what a powerful and transformative experience they can be. That’s why integrating the work you accomplished during the ritual into your daily life is key to maintaining your results and keeping your vibration high.

Practicing self-care rituals for fertility is a great way to do this. Let’s make sure you receive all the benefits of participating in my ritual to manifest your blessings faster and easier!

Self Care Tip #1: Cleanse

Before and after the ritual, make sure to cleanse your space by burning sage, incense, or spritzing it with Florida water. Florida water is a perfumed water used to ward off negative energy and increase good luck. It can be used to cleanse your home, your clothes, and your fertility altar to help fill your space with good juju. You can make your own, or buy it online from Amazon, Etsy, and other retailers.

Once your energetic space is clear, clean up your surroundings and wash your clothes. Take a spiritual bath to invite positive energy into your life.

Self Care Tip #2: Massage your womb

Self massage is a great way to connect to your physical body and generate womb healing. Massage your pelvic area to encourage circulation, and create the energy needed to remove excess trauma. This practice can help stimulate your fertility hormones naturally, bringing them back into balance.

If you’re struggling with fibroids, endometriosis, or PCOS, castor oil is a great natural remedy I recommend all my JUJU mamas try. Castor oil increases circulation to the uterine area, breaking up stagnation and preventing the build up of excess tissue. It can also reduce inflammation, activate the immune system, and help relieve painful PMS symptoms.

Self Care Tip #3: Tend to your fertility altar

Your fertility altar is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your spirit babies. Keep your altar active by cleansing it every week, lighting your candles, and speaking to your spirit baby/babies.

A fertility altar does not have to be complex. It’s simply a special place where you go to connect with your spirit baby. Some things to include in your altar are:

Self Care Tip #4: Meditate and affirm

Meditation is an amazing tool to cultivate spiritual awareness, and increase your manifestations. Meditate on the goodness that you invoked during the ritual and focus on the creation or healing that you desire.

If you need a little more juju to connect to the goddess within, practice these fertility affirmations. Speak your affirmations every morning and at night to embody the frequencies that you manifested in the ritual. My Fertility Juju Affirmation Cards are another great tool to help with this.

Self Care Tip #5: Protect your energy

Because the fertility ritual opens your energy up to the spiritual realm, your energetic body is very vulnerable the first few days after the ritual. It’s important to believe that pregnancy can become your reality. Stay away from negative energy and limiting beliefs during this time. This could be people, social media platforms, or anything that makes you feel pregnancy isn’t possible for you.

Abstain from sexual activity for a few days to focus on your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being and healing. Sometimes your partner's energy can neutralize or even degrade the work you accomplished during the ritual, especially if they carry a low vibration or unhealthy trauma. You don’t want to lose the momentum of the ritual you worked so hard for.

Self Care Tip #6: Share Your Feelings

If you’re feeling some kind of way after the ritual, honor your feelings by sharing your experience. This spiritual work is deep sis, and often brings many unhealed traumas to the surface. This is especially true for my juju mamas healing from miscarriage.

Manifesting and connecting with your spirit babies is exciting, but sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting this fertility battle all on your own. Lean on your friends, family, and partner for support. And if you’re looking for a community of badass women riding the wave with you, join the Tam Inspires Fertility Group on Facebook and share your story.

Remember, infertility and loss are not your fault. Your body is doing the best it can, and sometimes things just don't go as planned. But it's not a reflection of your worth or your abilities.

Self Care Tip #7: Call in your divine DNA partner

When it comes to your romantic entanglements, here’s some real talk…is your current partner your divine DNA choice? Or are you trying to have a baby just to save the relationship?

If you’re in a toxic, abusive, or financially unstable relationship with your partner, be honest with yourself. Is this really the person you’re meant to have a child with? Use the energy from the ritual to gain clarity and decide.

Then, call in your divine DNA partner by opening yourself up to them. Visualize the qualities you want in a partner and write them down. How do they treat you? What do they look like? What kind of parent will they be to your child? Connect with your ancestors and guides to learn more about this person to manifest your dream family.

Self Care Tip #8: Manifest!

When it comes to your fertility journey, Creator of all has the final say. That being said, it's essential to build a relationship with your spiritual team. We all have spirit guides who are here to help us along the way. Connect with them through mediation, prayer, journaling, or with one of my fertility readings. They can offer insights into where the work still needs to be done.

Once you’ve connected to your spiritual team, it’s time to manifest your babies!

Here’s how…

1. Recognize your limiting beliefs and let that shi* go. Remember, you can only manifest what you truly believe is possible.

2. Live more intentionally. Setting strong intentions every day is the fastest and easiest way to bring your manifestations to you, because you begin to align your actions, thoughts, and beliefs with your desires.

3. Raise your vibration. Engage in activities that raise your frequency so you feel good more often. Practices such as meditation, yoga, and time in nature help clear negative energy.

By learning how to integrate self care into your daily routine, you are telling your spirit and spiritual team that you are ready. Trust your juju and remember that rituals are habits that align you with what you desire to achieve.

If you’re ready to do the work to manifest your babies, join me for my next fertility ritual. These rituals are here to get your Juju flowing, remove blockages, and open your womb to abundance. Sign up for this month’s ritual here.

Looking for more resources on your fertility journey?

Receive ALL the benefits of your fertility ritual practice inside my Fertility Ritual Integration Ebook!

These 8 transformative self-care practices will help you integrate your ritual practice into your daily life, helping you tap into your fertility in a whole new way.

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