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What Are African Fertility Dolls and How Can They Increase Your Fertility JUJU?

African fertility dolls are a beautiful way to increase your fertility JUJU, connect you to your divine feminine energy, and celebrate African heritage. Akuaba fertility dolls are something I suggest using as a part of your own spiritual practice, or as a part of one of my fertility rituals. Fertility dolls are a powerful symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and childbearing in African culture, and can be used to help guide your spirit babies closer to you.

What exactly are fertility dolls and how are they useful for your fertility journey?

Akuaba fertility dolls are small wooden statues that depict women who wish to conceive children. They originated in Ghana, but are now found in many other countries in Western Africa. Traditionally, they were given to African women trying to become pregnant as a symbol of good health and fertility. These dolls were treated as surrogate children, carried around on women’s backs, and adorned with beautiful clothing and jewelry.

West African culture is matrilineal, meaning the ancestral line is passed through the mother, not the father. This means that children, fertility, and motherhood are very important to West African culture, so the use of fertility dolls is a popular way to honor and celebrate women’s fertility, and their ability to create life.

What do the Akuaba dolls represent?

The Akuaba fertility doll represents the celebrated qualities every woman possesses before transitioning to motherhood: wisdom, fertility, and youth. The wisdom of women is represented by the elongated forehead, where knowledge is stored. Fertility is represented by the ringed neck. The rings create rolls of fat that represent health and the ability to bear children. Youth is represented by the perky breasts and womanly curves of the doll. These three qualities are all things we as women can embody through our fertility JUJU practices.

The Story of Akua

The name Akuaba comes from the two words “Akua ba” meaning Akua’s child. The story of Akua is an Akan legend of a woman who wished to have a child, but could not conceive. Upon visiting the village diviner (or priest), she was instructed to create a small wooden statue of a child, and carry it around with her as if it were real. Although Akua was teased in her village for taking care of this wooden doll, she soon gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The practice was then adopted throughout Akan culture, and now women use Akuaba fertility dolls as a way to generate good luck and prosperity.

I love the story of Akua, as it demonstrates the power spirituality plays when it comes to conceiving our spirit babies. Akua was able to connect with her spirit baby by connecting with her fertility doll, which later manifested as her daughter. As a fertility educator, I believe the spiritual side of conception is so important. That is why I offer fertility readings and rituals to help women who are struggling to conceive connect deeper to their spirit.

How you can use fertility dolls in your spiritual practice:

I recommend caring for your Akuaba fertility doll the same way traditional African women once did. Here a few simple ways to get started:

  • Set up a fertility altar

Create a sacred space in your home for your fertility doll. Be sure to adorn your space with candles, oils, herbs, and any other symbols that represent your desire to conceive.

  • Connect with your fertility doll

Care for your fertility doll as you would your own child. Speak affirmations to it, and use it as a symbol for your own spirit babies.

  • Make offerings to your fertility doll

Just as traditional women once did, offer your fertility doll food, clothing, jewelry, and other gifts you would give your own child. This will help increase the energy between you and the spirit world, opening the gates for your baby to come through.

Spiritual tools such as fertility dolls, affirmation cards, fertility readings, and fertility rituals are all here to help you connect to your own feminine divine wisdom.

If you’re ready to ignite your own fertility JUJU, join me during my next fertility ritual. These rituals are an opportunity to invite your spirit baby to you, and open your womb for abundance! I have guided hundreds of women through my rituals, with many of them experiencing both physical and spiritual transformations such as their cycles regulating for the first time in months, their spirit babies coming to them in dreams, and even sisters who are catching the wave!

You can join me in my next fertility ritual here.

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