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5 Spiritual Tools To Help Magnify Your Next Fertility Ritual

Every woman struggling with fertility needs a spiritual toolkit to help support her on her ttc journey. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, it’s time to look towards your spiritual health, and make sure you’re supporting yourself in the right way sis.

Finding a spiritual practice that supports your holistic fertility, such as my fertility rituals, can help you remove any spiritual blocks you have around becoming pregnant. Use these 5 spiritual tools during your next ritual to help you tap into your fertility JUJU.

Candles for Fertility

Candles are a simple, yet powerful spiritual tool, representing the element of fire and transformation. Candles can become a staple in your spiritual practice for manifesting your intentions. They can also be used to cleanse your space of negative or unwanted energy.

Candle magic becomes twice as powerful when you learn to incorporate different candle colors that align with your intentions. In the spiritual realm we call this practice color magic. You want to use specific candle colors for fertility in your rituals to increase the potency of your manifestations.

I recommend using a white candle in your ritual when you are going through a phase of destruction and rebirth. They are often used to call on spirit guides, or to help calm the mind.

I recommend using a green candle in your ritual when you want to connect with your divine feminine energy, or focus on healing your physical body. The green candle magick will enhance your fertility JUJU, and help you feel more abundant in your body.

I recommend using a pink candle in your ritual if you are experiencing turbulent relationships in your life, or receiving negative energy from a loved one. The color pink can help heal and transcend those negative emotions.

To increase your candle’s spiritual potency, dress your candle in herbs that increase your fertility. This will magnify its ability to bring your manifestations to life. For my fertility ritual, I always recommend using a small candle such as a tea light, 7 day, or small chime candle, as these take less time to burn.

Essential Oils for Fertility

Using essential oils and incense in your fertility rituals can help sharpen your senses, increase your focus, and put you into a meditative state, leaving you open to receiving the messages your spirit guides have for you. They do this by helping to remove negative energy or harmful thought patterns that are blocking the messages trying to come through.

That’s because the molecules within essential oils have a strong effect on your nervous system. Your nervous system is in charge of releasing neurotransmitters that influence your emotions. Using essential oils can help you feel more relaxed, energized, or focused.

I recommend using lavender in your spiritual practice to help ease tension in the body, relax the mind, and to communicate with your angels and guides.

I recommend using rose during your spiritual practice to connect with your heart, heal past loss or heart break, and foster love between you and your partner.

I recommend using frankincense in your spiritual practice to clear negative energy, release heavy emotions, and help you focus on your intentions.

The combination of these three oils creates a powerful sensory experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually that will take your fertility ritual to the next level.

An Affirmation Journal

A powerful way to connect to your intentions during your spiritual practice is by writing them down before, during, or after your fertility ritual.

Writing your intentions down on paper helps clarify to the Universe what you want, which will enable energy to move on your behalf and bring forth your manifestations quickly and accurately.

Visualization is another key piece to manifesting your desires. A great tool to support your visualizations is the use of affirmations. Using specific affirmations for fertility will help you think positively and connect to your spirit baby on a deeper level. Try experimenting with different mantras or affirmations until you settle on a few that resonate.

African Fertility Dolls

African fertility dolls are a powerful symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and childbearing in African culture, and can be used to help guide your spirit babies closer to you during your fertility ritual.

Traditionally, they were given to African women trying to become pregnant as a symbol of good health and fertility. These dolls were treated as surrogate children, carried around on women’s backs, and adorned with beautiful clothing and jewelry.

I recommend using your African fertility doll as a part of your fertility altar. Incorporate it into your ritual by speaking your affirmations over it, or offering it special gifts as a representation of your future child.

Connect to Your Spirit Baby

Spirit babies are souls that exist on the spiritual plane, who are ready to come through and experience life in the physical realm. Spirit babies are actively choosing the experience they wish to have on Earth, including which parents they’re born to. This is so each soul can learn the lessons he or she has come to this life to learn that only you can teach.

Bringing offerings for your spirit baby to your fertility ritual is a beautiful way to connect with them and make your intentions known.

A few ideas of items your spirit baby will enjoy are:

  • Candy or something sweet

  • Baby toys

  • Baby clothes

  • Items from your childhood you wish to share with them

Connecting with your spirit baby is one of the most powerful intentions you can set for your fertility ritual, as they often have important messages to share with you. These messages could be to inform you of when and how they wish to be born, or their name and personality. They may also share specific blocks you have that are keeping them in the spirit realm. `

I help women connect with their spirit babies in my fertility readings. These readings are your opportunity to go deep into your current spiritual blocks, and learn what’s in store for your future.

Having tools to support you during your fertility ritual is a great way to connect deeper to yourself, your guides, and your spirit baby. It;s important to remember that everyone manifests differently, so what may work for one JUJU mama, may not work for you. Be open to exploring these different tools throughout your spiritual journey, until you find the right practices that resonate.

If you’re ready to tap into your fertility JUJU and uplevel your spiritual practice, get started with my Fertility JUJU Ritual Kit. This kit has been carefully curated with every tool you need to support your holistic fertility journey. The kit includes a green fertility candle, fertility oil, my fertility affirmation deck, and more. Learn more about how to get the Fertility JUJU Ritual Kit here.

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